Why are smart locks actually safer than traditional locks

Securing our home is essential to protect it from burglary, vandalism, and many more. With the advancement in technology, there are many methods available for safeguarding the home.

Security of the residential locks needs to be installed properly to ensure all the belongings are safer in all aspects. Many people are wondering whether to choose smart locks or traditional locks. In the modern day, the world has been steadily marching towards a tech-powered future.

What are smart locks?

Smart locks are the best option for your home and business alarm systems. The old lock and key also stood against the clock for a long time. These also offer the added level of protection measures for controlling access to the home.

Smart locks have unique access to codes, and they can be accessed through electronic devices such as smartphones and many more. Automation technologies powered by the best motor lock for home are available widely to enhance residential alarm systems. Traditional locks can be forced open and picked. Smart locks are highly safe and helpful for you to easily save time.

How secure are smart locks compared to traditional locks?

Are you looking to invest in simple, smart locks for your home? Normally, smart locks are completely the automated version of the traditional locks. The main reason is that the locking mechanisms are quite similar in both of them.

But the smart locks are capable of being engaged remotely and electronically. It is one of the biggest reasons for investing in smart locks over traditional locks. Smart locks offer ease of access, so these can be extensively locked from distances, even without any hassle.

Programmable smart locks and integration:

In the modern day, the Smart front door locks are enabled with the most amazing features. These offer greater benefits when integrated with the wireless home alarm system. Installing the home automation platform is the best way of securing the home against any kind of threat.

These smart locks can be easily integrated with various devices such as smart thermostats, bright lights and many more. These can also be connected with the home DIY systems. It can be extensively programmed to work together in a highly efficient manner.

  • Advanced locking and unlocking:

Many door locks are enabled with the best remote access features. Locking and unlocking becomes quite an amazing option for you, ensuring all your belongings are safer. Whether you are looking to lock your door at night, then there is no need to engage the locks.

You can simply open the Smartphone app for locking the door. It is also a convenient option for going to control panels for the alarm systems with extensively locking doors even with the push of a button.

Smart locks also give you access to unlocking the devices even without stopping your work. There are also some systems that are completely compatible with voice assistance, such as Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa, and many more. These digital assistants can be connected to the home smart lock systems. It can simplify the process of locking and unlocking in the voice command.

  • Encryption mode:

Normally, smart locks involve digitally high-end security features. These locks would mask the login information along with other data. The smart locks actually come with 128-bit encryption.

It has high-end industry-standard features that make it completely impossible to make any kind of burglary or break-in attempts. It is quite a convenient option to open the lock with smart access even without any hassle. Smart locks in the doors cannot be opened unless you enter the password.

  • Authentication:

Two-factor authentication is the most amazing feature enabled in smart locks. It adds the extra step towards securing your home apart from the one-time PIN codes. These codes will be sent to your Smartphone when you change the lock settings. The extra step is enabled to improve security access on smart locks.

  • High control access:

Installing the smart locks gives you better access to easily lock and unlock the door with the passwords or fingerprints. There is no need to carry the spare keys when you are going out.

You can also easily create and share the unique codes instead of handling the spare keys for the guests. It is also a convenient option to create time-restricted codes so they are useful in all aspects.

  • Skip going to hardware store:

Normally, a misplaced key is quite a stressful time when you are looking to lock or unlock the key. Installing the smart locks is the better option for you to easily access the door instantly with the passwords and fingerprints. You can simply track the passwords and change the settings frequently to ensure that your doors are safer.

Traditional locks vs smart locks:

In the contemporary world, the front door lock system has massively evolved. This adds more privacy as well as security to the next level. These locks are not only suitable for front doors but also add the digital realms such as the mobiles.

Many people are confused about installing smart locks and traditional locks on your front door. Selecting the right lock for your home is most essential for ensuring that you can simply get access to the doors. Familiar manual door locks require a physical key turn to engage the deadbolt. It is an effective and simple option. When selecting custom doors for enhanced security and safety, take into account the quality of the motorized locking mechanism.

With the advancement in technology, smart locks are the absolute alternative option for easily safeguarding your belongings. Smart locks can also be integrated with the modern smart home systems to make the tasks easier.

Many people have also started to install smart locks in their homes to allow easy access to the door without any manual key. Quality smart locks are also enabled with high-end safety features and enable more levels of protection.


For most homeowners, usage of traditional locks is preferred for security. But whether you are looking for a motor lock replacement to make locking and unlocking efficient and easy, choosing the smart lock is the best option. You can easily gain better security using the right installation of the smart lock at home.

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