Eyewash stations and emergency showers: where, when and how

In the modern day, the Eyewash stations and emergency showers are used for hazardous industrial settings and many others. These are often seen in places where hazardous substances and chemicals are used.

Normally, Emergency eyewash and safety showers serve the purpose of easily reducing workplace injury. Installing the portable emergency showers is a significant way to easily keep the workers away from any kind of danger. These are installed based on the understanding of a diverse range of locations and levels of hazardous settings.

What are eyewash stations and emergency showers?

Emergency showers are the units which are designed for washing the employee’s body and head when they come in contact with the hazardous chemicals. The safety shower requires larger volumes of the water used for contaminating the hazardous chemicals away from them.

Eyewash stations are the units that involve washing off the chemicals or substances that splashed into the individual’s eyes. Later, the individual would be seeking medical attention for the eyes. Normally, the individual is required to wash the eyes for at least 15 minutes. Safety showers are not used for flushing the individual’s eyes.

Where can these eyewash stations and emergency showers be required?

Risk assessment needs to be completely determined by placing the emergency showers and eyewashes. It is quite important to evaluate the specific chemicals that have been used and completely analyzed.

Emergency safety showers are quite important for decontaminating individuals exposed to hazardous substances. This PPE plays a major role in adding workplace safety protocols.

These eyewash stations and emergency showers can be placed in various locations, such as: 

  • Hazardous substances discharge areas
  • Laboratories and classrooms
  • Spraying operations
  • Dipping and coating operations
  • High-dust areas
  • Battery charging areas

Normally, the OSHA has set various Hazard Communication Standards that are suitable for providing added safety in the workplace. Certain symbols are set which clearly identify the chemicals such as flammable, irritants, corrosive and more.

Safety showers need to be installed within a 10-second walk from the hazardous area. Routine Inspections of these units are quite helpful for ensuring functionality. It involves completely verifying the water flow, emergency activation mechanisms and many others.

How to use emergency showers and eyewash stations?

Emergency showers are dedicated to providing reliable and robust safety solutions. These also extensively meet better standards of functionality and quality.

These equipment are made of the best quality to ensure the water flow is flawless, even without any hassle. These also extensively focus on excellence and durability. Below are the steps required for using the emergency safety showers:

  • Assess the emergency safety showers immediately:

Upon getting exposure to the hazardous substances, it is quite essential to evaluate promptly the need for decontamination. You need to prioritize health by easily activating safety showers. Taking the right precautions is most important for your health.

  • Promptly activate the shower:

Upon locating the emergency shower, you need to step onto the activation platform. Now, you can simply activate it by pulling the handle as well as pushing the panic bar. It is quite convenient to remove all the contaminated clothing as well as personal items to prevent the skin absorption of harmful chemicals.

  • Make full-body decontamination:

You can simply stand beneath the shower to ensure that you get complete body coverage. It is a better option to extend the limbs and allow the water to easily reach the areas. Ensure complete rinsing and cleaning of the chemicals.

  • Access eye wash station:

Upon thoroughly showering then, you need to access eye wash station. It is best to flush out the contaminants concurrently from the eyes. For instance, when you have a burning sensation, then you need to immediately seek medical attention.

  • Rinse for 15 minutes:

Continue rinsing your eyes using the tepid water for about 15 minutes. Later, you can adhere to the safety standards internationally on emergency eyewash and shower equipment.

When your eyes come in contact with hazardous chemicals or gasses, then you need to rush to the eyewash station immediately. Clean and rinse your eyes with water to avoid any pain or inflammation in your eyes. Rinsing the eyes is helpful in diluting and removing hazardous substances from the eyes.

When to use eyewash stations and emergency showers?

Maintained emergency safety showers will be most helpful in the event of any chemical or hazardous materials spillage. These are suitable options for both minor incidents and even serious injuries during any kind of hazardous exposure.

Normally, it will be quite critical during the first few seconds after exposure to hazardous chemicals. When you delay the treatments for about fewer seconds, then, it results in irreparable eye damage. When your skin comes in contact with the corrosive chemical then it is essential to use the appropriate safety shower.

Difference between emergency showers and eyewash stations:

Normally, Emergency showers are helpful for washing the body and head of the person who comes in contact with the hazardous chemicals. These showers are not used for flushing the face and eyes of the affected person.

High-pressure water can damage the eyes. Eyewash stations are installed for flushing the face and eyes. It is important to wash the eyes at this eyewash station for about 15 minutes.

Seeking medical attention is quite important after the eyewash and rinse. The need for eyewash stations and emergency showers is completely based on potential hazards for workers.

When the effect of the hazard is limited to the face and eyes of workers, then an eyewash unit is the best option. For instance, if the employees come in full contact with the chemical, then choosing the emergency shower unit is a fantastic option.


Both the eyewash stations and emergency showers are essential in an industry or laboratory dealing with chemicals or harmful gases. These are installed within 10-seconds walking distance from the area. Accessing the eyewash stations and emergency showers is quite easy in case the employees come in contact with chemicals or gases. 

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