Using Bleach For Mould Removal Is Dangerous – Why?

Are you using bleach for Mould Removal Melbourne? If yes, then stop it right now! It is not a great practice to follow, just drop it. Do you know why? Keep exploring the upcoming sections to aware of the dangerous effects of using bleach on mould. Well, everyone knows that mould is a fungus that grows quickly in moist areas. And people follow different types of DIY techniques to clean the damaged area. Some of them avail the professionals for cleaning the affected spots easily with eco-friendly solutions. However, bleach is a common product to clean any surface. But it brings several damages to people, know about them in detail.


Bleach Masks The Mold Appearance 

There are several reasons available to stop using bleach for Mould Removal Melbourne. However, the important reason is bleach masks the mould and don’t kill the fungus. Yes, mildew and mould contain melanin, bleach removes that color pigment. So bleach creates a view like, it removes the fungus. But it never cleans the mould completely. In simple words, bleach masks the mould, not kills it.

Contributes To Mold Growth

Instead of killing the mould, bleach promotes its growth. Yeah, it’s true! For sure, it will be shocking for many people. But how can a cleaning product encourage bacterial or fungal growth? It’s because the water content in bleach is about 90 percent. As everyone knows, mould and mildew grow very well on moisturized surfaces. So while spraying the bleach on mould instead of killing the fungus, it promotes the growth further.

Damages The Structure

Cleaning with bleach is not a good idea for floors and walls of buildings. Bleach can be quite harsh on the surface of the buildings. In general, bleach is a toxic chemical that can be corrosive. And it can produce harmful fumes while mixing with other chemicals. On the other side, you can witness a lot of mould growth in laundry rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Spraying the harmful chemical bleach in those places is not recommended.

Bleach Is Ineffective Over Time

Unlike other cleaning agents, bleach doesn’t provide a long-term solution. You can expect only a temporary result after using bleach for mould removal. This is another significant reason for not using this product to clean the fungal growth. Plus, it is not a skin-friendly option. Spraying them over the damaged areas in kitchens or bathrooms can lead to allergies. For instance, if there is mould growth near the shower heads, then applying bleach can cause severe issues. Hence, opt for other options.

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Other Worthy Ideas To Try 

Instead of bleach, you can use other DIY methods to clean the mould damage. You can try using vinegar and baking soda solution, Hydrogen peroxide, essential oils, and lemons to clean the fungal growth. These products cut off the roots cause mould growth and spread good fragrance all over the living spaces. In addition, using essential oils and lemons enhances the health condition too. So make your choices wiser and choose the best and organic means to remove mould.

As mentioned earlier, some people opt for Professional Mould Removal Melbourne to save time and effort. You can also avail their assistance under these circumstances. If the mould growth is because of gray water or black water damage or mould is widespread over a large area. For these conditions, you can make a call for the best team of experts and clean the surface effectively. Ensure to cross-check the profile of the professionals to hand over your asset to the right team. It is essential to save your precious money and time.

Ending Note 

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This article provides you the information about why using bleach for mould removal is hazardous.

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