Types of shipping modes explained – Which is the best for your business

Do you want to explore the different types of shipping modes? Want to find which one is suitable for your business? If yes, then here you can get a clear idea regarding the different types ofshipping modes in goods transport.

At present, most people want better shipping modes for their business to deliver their product safely to their customers. But due to the availability of multiple shipping modes, most people are confused.

In general, everyone knows that there are three modes of transportation such as air, land and sea. Through these three modes, it is possible to do better shipping. According to the budget, time and product value, customers can choose their highly preferable shipping modes.

Different types of shipping modes:

Take a look at below to explore the different types of shipping modes and find more in detail about goods transport.

  • Shipping via air

Well-built aircrafts are used in this mode of transport to transport products and goods to the delivery location. It is the fastest mode of transport than any other option. It is very convenient, extremely useful and doesn’t require too many natural barriers. Hence it can access to any location without any issues.

The air freight service can also deliver a bulk amount of goods from one place to another place. If you want to transport perishable goods, then sure this mode of transport is the best choice.

But the only problem here is that shipping via air is somewhat more expensive than other options. Hence those who consider a minimum budget for shipping can skip to the other two options. But if you want to deliver your product very fast and safe, then you need to go with this without any hesitation. Within one to two days, your packages can be delivered to any region in this world.

  • Shipping via land

Shipping the goods via land is the oldest mode of transportation. It can be very useful, when you want to deliver your goods across neighboring borders or within a country.

Here mostly trucks can be used to transport the goods and other items through roads, since they have more space to store bulk items like vehicles and construction material. Such shipping modes are very cheap when compared to other options. But the time it takes to deliver the product will be longer.

Railways are also another form of land transport. Here you have many exclusive options to ship goods by rail. It also has many benefits. It is highly cost effective and hence can carry more goods all over the country. Usually Indian railways have the largest networks across the globe and hence you can ship goods to any country.

Shipping by the road involves short-distance delivery such as intra-city or hyperlocal deliveries. It can be done through motorbikes, cars and bicycles. The heavy products such as TVs, ACs, refrigerators & much more can also be shipped through this mode of transportation.

  • Shipping via sea

Shipping via sea can be useful for many purposes like commercial or military. It can transport bulk quantities of goods through cargo ships by packing the products in containers and then loading them into the vessel. Hence the goods that need to be delivered will be very safe.

But the only problem here is that, through this mode of transport, you can’t deliver your product fast. It will take some time to deliver all the necessary products to the location. Hence you must consider it, before choosing this mode of transport. But apart from that, your products will be safe and the transportation cost is also very affordable.

Factors to consider while choosing the shipping mode:

There are certain factors that you need to consider while choosing the shipping mode. After that, sure you can choose the better shipping mode to deliver the goods across different locations.

It can help you reduce the logistics and shipping costs. After knowing the different types of shipping mode, now you need to consider certain factors while choosing the best one.

  • Cost of freight

Budget is the most essential factor to consider while choosing the best type of shipping modes for the business. Prices differ based on the amount and type of goods that are required to be transported. If you want to transport the goods to a longer distance, then surely choosing railways is the most economical option.

Choosing sea transport is the best choice when you have budget constraints. It is the cheapest mode of transport to ship heavier items to other locations.

Air transport is very much suitable to transport perishable goods even though it is very expensive. There are some hidden costs like insurance charges will be there during the shipping and hence consider that too.

  • Goods type

If you want to transport smaller items, then sure you can go with the air and road transport. But if you want to transport heavier items, then sure you must go with the sea and rail transport.

You should consider the shipping mode for the business based on how dangerous and fragile your product is. You can go with the air and land modes of transport to ship fragile and costly products.

  • Speed and safety

The speed and safety of the freight service is the most essential factor to consider. As all types of shipping modes give you speed and safety of the goods, but you need to choose which one can be highly suitable for you. You can decide it according to the goods you are going to deliver to another location. You can discuss the goods transport to the experts and choose the highly suitable option.


From the above mentioned scenario, now you have got a much better idea about the different types of shipping modes and transportation. The three shipping modes are land, sea and air. Each offers different features and benefits. Consider everything and choose the right one according to the goods you are going to deliver.

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