The Life of Takoda Collins: A Tragic Story of Abuse and Neglect

For the most of his brief life, 10-year-old Takoda Collins lived in the attic of Al-Muhatah McLean’s house, unclothed. On December 13, 2019, Takoda Collins passed away at Dayton Children’s Hospital in Dayton, Ohio. Subsequently, Takoda’s father, Al-Muhatah McLean, was apprehended and held on charges of rape and abuse, alongside McLean’s ex-girlfriend, Amanda Hinz, and Jennifer Ebert, who lived in the same house as Amanda Hinz.

The events of takoda collins short, tragic life are as follows;

The Collins family of Wisconsin welcomed their son, Takoda, into the world on December 18, 2008. On November 12, 2009, Robin Collins confessed to hitting Takoda to the Wisconsin police. The next step was to remove takoda collins from custody of Takoda and place her on probation. Collins was sentenced to prison after admitting to using drugs to the Daily News on December 9, 2011. At the same time, McLean was granted full custody of Takoda. Collins’ probation was revoked and she went to prison. To stop McLean and Takoda from leaving Wisconsin, takoda collins writes a letter to the court in October 2013, requesting their intervention. Collins asserted that child welfare authorities in Wisconsin were looking into allegations of abuse by McLean against takoda collins. Currently, McLean is facing accusations of attacking his fiancée Amanda Hinze with a pipe, pulling her hair to a car, and then punching her before getting in his car and driving away. Ultimately, the prosecutor dropped the abuse charges that McLean had filed against Hinze.
After McLean and Takoda relocated to Union City, Tennessee, Collins subsequently informed the courts in Wisconsin on February 26, 2014. McLean submitted paperwork to the courts in Wisconsin at the same time that he and Takoda planned to relocate to Pennsylvania. As evidence, McLean presented a notarized letter that takoda collins had signed, stating that she would move to Pennsylvania with Takoda if he did. However, Collins later claimed that she had been coerced into signing the document due to bullying.

Officials from Dayton, Ohio’s Horace Mann Elementary School say that Takoda enrolled there around August 18, 2014, but no one knows for sure when he began classes there. Unbeknownst to takoda collins and the Wisconsin courts, the decision was made on October 20, 2014, allowing McLean and Takoda to relocate to Pennsylvania while Robin Collin’s visitation could proceed. In Dayton, Ohio, McLean was already residing with Takoda.

In order to conduct a well-check on Takoda’s brother, who is nine years old, Montgomery County Children Services in Dayton, Ohio contacts the Dayton Police on February 19, 2016. No one was home when the authorities showed up. In Dayton, Ohio, on August 20, 2016, Takoda’s brother abstains from returning home. He informs the Dayton Police that he is punished by being made to squat while carrying heavy backpacks. When the Dayton Police tried to search McLean’s house, they were obstructed by his unleashed Pitbulls, so they contacted children’s services. It is mentioned in the police reports that McLean’s house had both internal and external cameras. But McLean makes it clear to the cops that the cameras weren’t recording anything; they were merely for display. Later on, it was revealed that McLean had changed his mind about the cameras. They said that someone had barged in on Takoda, his brother, and Jennifer Ebert on September 14, 2016, brandishing a gun. Although McLean first claimed that the cameras he had used to record the event were ineffective, he eventually gave the Dayton Police the footage they had captured.

Due to concerns that Takoda may be a victim of abuse, a welfare check was requested for him by Montgomery County Children’s Services and staff from Dayton Public Schools on May 11, 2018. At this time, the Dayton Police visited Takoda’s residence, but, once again, nobody answered the door, so they were unable to gain access. It is unknown when exactly Takoda’s father, McLean, takes him out of school, but it is sometime between May 12 and 24, 2018. According to the school staff, after interviewing Takoda, they never saw him again. Officially, Takoda is removed from school on July 31, 2018, and subsequently registered as a homeschooled student in Ohio. Calling the Dayton Police Department, McLean and Hinze report that Takoda is acting out on November 18, 2018. The boy should be taken to the Juvenile Justice Center, according to McLean’s request. But when the cops had Takoda in the cruiser’s backseat, McLean announced that, instead of pressing charges, he would have Takoda evaluated at Kettering Hospital. Despite Takoda’s subsequent release and return to McLean, no documentation of his visit to Kettering Hospital for evaluation has been located in the medical records.

On May 6, 2019, Collins, a Wisconsin resident, moves for McLean’s contempt by claiming that, since leaving Wisconsin, he has never taken Takoda to see her. It has been four years since Collins last spoke to Takoda on the phone, according to Collins. Since it was found that Takoda was living in Dayton, Ohio, the case is in the jurisdiction of Ohio, the Wisconsin court states, dismissing takoda collins motion. Collins contacts the Dayton Police the following day, May 14, 2019, to report her suspicion that McLean is abusing Takoda. Collins is supposedly informed by the Dayton Police that, according to their dispatch records and responses to the home, McLean was taking good care of Takoda. However, no records indicate that Children Services conducted a thorough investigation into McLean or any allegations of abuse. Abuse and neglect led to Takoda’s death on December 13, 2019, after he was rushed to Dayton Children’s Hospital. The Montgomery County Children’s Services denied that they had any active charges against takoda collins, leading to McLean’s arrest.


Takoda supposedly endured “Hellish” conditions in his final hours, as stated in the prosecutor’s memorandum. Rumor has it that takoda collins endured years of abuse while chained and exposed in the attic. Police have connected the dots between what Amanda Hinze and Jennifer Ebert, McLean’s girlfriend and sister, said during their interviews regarding McLean’s abuse of takoda collins, and the injuries that were discovered on Takoda’s body. The prosecution claimed that following McLean’s punches and elbows, Takoda was crushed under the weight of McLean’s standing on his back. While McLean went downstairs to watch TV, Takoda was instructed to strike a “punishment pose” by bending over and crossing his legs. After spending a few hours in front of the TV, McLean continued to torture Takoda by yelling insults at him, dousing him in hot sauce, hurling him around, grabbing him by the ears, and dragging him down the stairs, among other things. The two of them went into the restroom, where McLean dragged Takoda into the tub, where he drowned. The coroner’s office in Montgomery County ruled that Takoda was murdered. As a result of blunt force trauma, compressive hypoxia, and water submersion, Takoda passed away in a bathtub.


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