Significant Tools Handles By Artificial Grass Suppliers

Hiring Artificial Grass Suppliers Melbourne is one of the wise decisions when you are going to install artificial grass on your lawn or backyard in your home or commercial buildings. The right tools from professional artificial grass suppliers will make the installation process simple and easy. The skilled professionals from the artificial grass suppliers will handle the tools and types of equipment professionally to avoid unimaginable accidents. Here is the list of tools that can be used by one for installing artificial grass for their residential and commercial buildings. 

Turf Cutter

The most widely used tool handled by Artificial Grass Suppliers Melbourne is none other than the turf cutter. As the name indicates the turf cutter is used to cut the synthetic grass into strips that can be rolled, got rid of, can fold back and many more. The backyard that makes it difficult to install artificial grass manually can be easily installed with the help of Turf Cutter. You need not worry about the floor surface of the lawn because the artificial grass is installed easily with Turf Cutter.


Another special Tool for installing Artificial Grass Melbourne is a compactor. A compactor is nothing but a large piece of equipment that compresses the lawn surface material and creates the perfect base for the installation of new turf. The compactor will repeatedly strike the lawn beneath it with a large metal plate for the perfect finishing. With the help of a compactor, the professionals will analyze the stability of the artificial grass. Whenever the professionals are using the compactor, it enhances the look and evenness of the lawn. The compactors are also called plate compactors or vibrating plates. 


Another important tool that can be used by professionals from artificial grass suppliers is Rake. The Rake is used to spread the artificial Grass evenly to create the perfect level base for the lawn and backyard. Among the different types of Rakes, the plastic rake comes in very handy for cleaning the leaves from the backyard. You may notice that the professionals from artificial grass suppliers will not use the metal Rake. As it affects and ruins the artificial grass and reduces its life expectancy.  

Joining Adhesive 

It is quite incomplete when your lawn or backyard is free from joining Adhesive in Artificial Grass. By the name, you can ensure that the joining adhesives are widely used to stick the artificial lawn together and cement in place. The professionals will mix the adhesive based on the manufacturer procedure and use it to stick the lawn together. It is recommended that the adhesives should not be very high or low. The adhesive can be used as a cartridge gun to create a neat and robust seal. It also helps to secure the artificial grass edges to concrete edges.


The most common tool handled by the Artificial Grass Suppliers Melbourne is a tough Bristled Broom. The professionals are using the broom to make sure that your sand infill is brushed into the bottom of the pile. The professionals will also recommend using the broom for the regular cleaning process and getting rid of mud or debris off the grass. Now, you get an overall idea about the tools and equipment that are handled by the professionals from the artificial grass suppliers. Make use of it and handle the tools carefully to avoid unexpected accidents. 

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