Picking The Perfect Bag For Any Trip

Having a single travel bag that works just as well for business as it does for a fun weekend away can be a great investment, especially if you are someone who likes to travel light. The key is understanding how your needs change from one situation to the next and finding a bag that allows you to pivot quickly between modes.

Fits a Laptop With No Problem

A dedicated laptop sleeve that keeps your device secure during transit is a must-have for any backpack, let alone one you are going to use as an always-ready overnight bag. There are a lot of choices out there, and each anticipates something a little different. Make sure your bag of choice has a laptop slot that is suitable for your screen size. If you keep separate work and personal devices, you will need to shop for a bag that accommodates both so that it doesn’t matter which one you slip into place when you’re packing.

Not every laptop sleeve is designed equally. Look for where it is located in relation to the other compartments. Is it well-shielded from bumps and jostling? Are there sufficient layers of padding to help dampen any shocks when you pick it up or set it down? These are important considerations when you are on the move, especially if you take a variety of forms of transportation. Your bag needs to protect your device as well in an overhead compartment as it does on your back in a subway.

Multiple Ways To Wear

Backpacks and other travel bags can be just as much an accessory as a necessity, especially if you opt for something like a travel tote that passes for a large handbag. That means they need to be able to adapt to your situation like an accessory, with multiple ways to wear them that suit your different modes and moods. That’s why bags with removable shoulder straps and multiple options for handles are often popular. You can set them up for the situation you are in and change them as your needs shift.

One Night or a Weekender?

The last thing to think about is how many nights your bag needs to cover. A luggage size chart can help you make sure that your choice stays in-bounds for carry-on baggage, but that is not the only rubric to use. There are a lot of carry-on-appropriate bags that still do not travel well as accessories because they are bulky. Finding the perfect common ground between fashion and function means understanding your target when you buy. If you need a weekend bag, you’re looking at something a bit larger than a one-night walkout bag.

Keep these ideas in mind as you shop for your ideal getaway bag. If you also have regular luggage, it’s also a good idea to shop for something that works with your valise or other pieces. That way, you can mix and match as needed to cover all your packing for any trip, no matter how long or short it gets. Start shopping today.

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