Motosas: A Personalized Approach to Vehicle Security

A name that has swiftly become known for its forward-thinking approach to car safety is Motosas. Founded in 2006 by Personalise Online Ltd., Motosas is an industry leader in producing and customizing goods for the cosmetics and media sectors. Their entry into the automotive security market, though, is what really distinguishes them.

A Response to a Growing Concern

The growth in the theft of vehicles, particularly keyless cars, trucks, and RVs, was noticed by a specialist UK insurance company, which led to the formation of . Vehicle owners encountered difficulties in gaining access to anti-theft devices, even though they were readily available. In response to this need, it is released a line of products meant to easily and efficiently protect vehicles, giving their owners a sense of security.

Motosas Personalization for Every Customer

Beyond mere aesthetics, commitment to customization has no bounds. Branding, in their view, is about more than simply a logo; it’s about forging a distinct personality. That is why they provide a lot of room for personalization, including the ability to choose from a wide variety of colors and even have logos etched. Each of it’s product is customized to showcase the unique style and personality of each customer..

A Commitment to Service

Service is a guarantee at gread. In order to provide customers with the greatest service possible, the organization collaborates closely with them. The commitment to client satisfaction is a point of pride for it. They go out of their way to keep consumers informed about the progress of their purchases and even provide personalized advice.


Personalize Online Ltd. launched it in 2006, and since then, the name has been synonymous with cutting-edge automotive safety solutions. Theft of vehicles, especially keyless automobiles, vans, and RVs, was a major motivating factor in the founding of the organization. Protect your car with ease and convenience with it’s selection of goods. As an additional branding option, the business offers a personalization service where clients can have their products customized with features like engraved logos and bespoke colors. Clients may expect regular updates on the status of their purchases and helpful suggestions from it, a company whose mission is to ensure them complete pleasure.


  1. What is Motosas?

Motosas is a brand specializing in personalized vehicle security solutions, offering products tailored to protect keyless cars, vans, and motorhomes.

  • Why choose Motosas?

Motosas provides accessible anti-theft devices and a personalization service, ensuring your vehicle’s security meets your needs and branding requirements.

  • How does Motosas personalize products?

Motosas offers custom colors, engraved logos, and other customizations to make each product unique and aligned with your branding.

  • Can Motosas products be used for business branding?
    Yes, Motosas products can be personalized to feature your business logo or message, enhancing your brand’s visibility.
  • What sets it apart from other vehicle security providers?

 Motosas combines innovative security solutions with a focus on customer service, ensuring a personalized and secure experience for every customer.

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