Case study: How to stop your roof box from fading

Do you want to explore the process of stopping the roof box from fading? If yes, then go through this simple case study and understand more about stopping the roof box from fading.

In general, roof boxes are extremely helpful for friends and family to carry their luggage in the car safely during their vacation. It is very convenient and practical to use. But fading is the only problem that completely eradicates the look of the car and roof box.

There are some ways available that let you stop the roof box from fading very effectively. Before checking out the ways to stop the roof box from fading, you understand about the roof box and why it fades. Read further and know more in detail about the roof box and its fading problem.

What is a roof box?

In general, the roof box is the best extra fitting that the car can have. It can be very much helpful for you during your vacation with family and friends. Usually, you can affix the roof box to the top of your car and can use them as the storage containers.

It can offer some additional space for camping gear, luggage, sports materials and some other important things. They are the cargo boxes and you can find them in different materials, shapes and sizes.

You can also find the roof box made with fiberglass, aluminum and plastic. Versatility is the additional feature of the roof box that can give you more space in your car to store your essential things during your travel. But fading regularly due to the direct sunlight is the major problem of roof boxes.

Why do the roof boxes fade?

Here you can explore the reasons that made the roof boxes to fade. Generally, gelcoat, a type of roof box and pigmented polyester can be used to manufacture the roof box. When the material surface is directly exposed to the UV rays, especially in summer months, then sure its color and shine will start to fade and dull.

It is one of the major problems of the black or white roof boxes that is causing fading problems. The ultraviolet rays have more power and hence it can easily fade any kind of material. Therefore the roof box can’t escape from these rays without getting exposed.

It is also noted that, gelcoat manufacturers must reduce the usage of cobalt & other substances in their products. It is mainly due to the introduction of new EU/EEC legislation for the protection of the environment.

Ways to stop the roof box from fading:

There are many ways available to stop the roof box from fading. The most effective way to prevent the roof box from getting faded is to reduce its direct exposure to the sun.

But it is impossible, since a roof box is the equipment which is manufactured in the way to affix on the vehicle’s top. So there is no chance to reduce the roof box to get direct exposure to the sun.

You can take necessary steps that can counteract the damages that are caused by the ultraviolet rays. During that time, using Polytrol is the most effective choice.

Polytrol is the most effective product that can be helpful to restore the color and shine of the roof box that you can use once in a year. Consider the below mentioned steps and learn how to stop the roof box from fading.

  • First, you must clean the roof box surface using soapy warm water.
  • Then dry the roof box for around 12 hours to get the better impact.
  • Next, you need to apply some amount of Polytrol to the roof box surface using a brush or cloth.
  • After that, you have to leave the roof box as it is for around 20 minutes.
  • Use the lint-free cloth to wipe all the excess away.
  • Finally, you have to leave the roof box to dry.

If you find your roof box starts dulling or fading, repeat the above mentioned process regularly. It can easily revive its color and shine effectively. So, now you may have doubts regarding Polytrol and how it can eradicate fading problems from the roof box. Proceed further and know everything in detail about Polytrol.

Why use Polytrol to prevent fading?

Polytrol is the most advanced and high quality oil that can deeply penetrate the roof box surface to restore its original color very effectively. It can enhance the appearance of the dull and tarnished gelcoats, plastics, metals and some other surfaces.

It completely re-wets the pigments when it easily gets penetrated through the surface. It completely restores the color and shine lost via the ultraviolet exposure.

Corrosion is also the major problem that affects most of the spare parts of the vehicle. Roof box is also facing the corrosion problem. To eradicate that, using Polytrol is the best option.

It can easily protect the roof box against corrosion. After drying the Polytrol, it can produce a long lasting, tough and flexible finish. There is no film residue and hence it could never peel or flake.

Other ways to prevent roof box fading:

  • You must regularly clean the roof box similar to the vehicle. Cleaning with a soft brush can eradicate dust, contaminants and dirt from its surface. So keep this in mind.
  • Adding protective coatings like sealant, wax and ceramic coating can also help you prevent roof box fading.
  • If you don’t use your car for a long vacation, then uninstall the roof box and store it under cover or indoors to avoid direct sun exposure.
  • Applying UV protectants can also help you prevent roof box fading. It can block UV rays, restore faded colors and protect the gel coat.


From the above mentioned scenario, now you have understood and explored the process of stopping the roof box from fading. So why are you still waiting? Apply the above mentioned ideas and prevent the roof box from getting faded very easily.

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