How To Reduce Packaging Waste

The households and businesses all over San Diego must strive to minimize packaging waste and disposal. Because the amount of packaging waste in the United States reaches its peak by following the throw away culture trend. Packaging is everywhere, from wrapped up sandwiches to crisp packets to pallets for warehouses, to deliveries, from ready microwave dinners to supermarket container products. Packaging is vital for numerous products but still there are many ways of reducing the amount of packaging waste. Dumpster rental services are one of them!

As the Recycling Revolution has indicated, one third of an average landfill is constituted by packaging materials and packaging makes up approximately 65% of household garbage. However, a little change to your daily practices and buying in a smart way will help to reduce the amount of single-use wrappings in our landfill sites.

Packaging waste reduction is a major issue, however, there are some steps that businesses and households can follow to lower the waste. Dumpster rental is sometimes neglected but falls into the category of must-have services for reducing packaging waste in San Diego. Besides the traditional use of waste disposal, a dumpster rental helps to sort, recycle and dispose of packaging wastes in a more efficient way in San Diego. How? Let’s learn how to reduce packaging waste in San Diego and how you can use waste management services.

First, What Is Packaging Waste?

Almost everything that we buy is packed nowadays. Packaging waste can be described as a packaging in the form of plastic wrap, cardboard box or Styrofoam container you would normally throw out when you open or consume a product. There are some of the common forms of packaging waste.

  • Toothpaste tubes
  • Plastic water bottles
  • Fast food bags, containers and cups and
  • Wrapped snacks
  • Plastic electronic casing
  • Single use coffee cups
  • Juice boxes and drink pouches
  • Children’s toy boxes
  • Packaged fruits & vegetables
  • Compact makeup containers
  • Chips bags

These are all some types of packaging waste. Now, we look how we can reduce the packaging waste and also see how dumpster rental services will help.

Some Simple Ways to Reduce Waste at HomeReducing packaging waste is crucial to maintain a healthy and eco friendly environment. San Diego dumpster rental services help to reduce the waste by sorting, recycling or disposing of packaging waste.

Here are some practices you can follow to reduce the parking waste.

  • Skip the Plastic Bag
  • Avoid Plastic Containers
  • Buy in Bulk
  • Start a Backyard Garden
  •  Skip the Drive-Thru

Skip the Plastic Bag Perhaps the simplest step to reduce packaging waste is to bring your own bag when you go to the grocery store. Several countries and cities banned plastic bags to decrease the amount of plastic in their landfills. So, you may do this already where you live. Whether you prefer to use canvas or cloth, having your own bags adds a personal touch to your shopping experience and at the same time lessens the amount of plastic you bring home.

Avoid Plastic Containers

Be a conscious consumer. Prefer buying items that come in biodegradable packing materials or those that can be recycled. Plastic is undoubtedly recycled maximum seven to nine times. So, try to buy cardboard, metal or glass containers. For example, a cardboard cereal box can be recycled easier compared to a plastic yogurt container. But metal cans and glass jars can be recycled forever or can be used easily for upcycling.

Buy in Bulk To reduce the packaging waste buy the larger size of products that you use regularly. Generally, one big container needs less raw material than several small ones.

Apart from that, bulk buying is sometimes the secret of a large savings. Some stores are also starting to enable consumers to bring reusable containers for products such as flour, spices, nuts and dry beans. If you are going to buy in bulk, look at the expiration date to avoid throwing away food you won’t use.

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Start a Backyard Garden Packages don’t need to be used for fruits, vegetables, and herbs when you grow and harvest in your own garden. Besides that, you can save a lot of money in the long term through growing your own food. If your yard is not big enough to accommodate garden or composting, visit a local farm. So, start growing your own vegetables to reduce the packaging waste.

Skip the Drive-Thru

There are plastic containers, utensils, paper bags and napkins of various types of fast food which are increasing the waste quickly. The Natural Resources Defense Council reports that single-use food and beverage packaging accounts for a significant amount of the 269,000 metric tonnes of plastic in oceans today. This was compounded by a study from the Silent Spring Institute which showed that one-third of fast food containers had fluorinated chemicals that harm not only us but also the environment. Utilizing a reusable container for lunch is as simple as avoiding having soiled or stained wrappers and packaging go directly to the landfill or oceans.

The use of dumpster rental

Dumpster rental services have multiple advantages for proper waste sorting, eco-friendly disposal, efficient recycling, low cost, and providing more site safety reasons. These activities will allow the processing of packaging materials for recycling or right disposal, minimizing the impact of packaging waste to the environment. Additionally they reduce packaging waste as they are recyclable thus they contribute to sustainable waste management. 

With renting a dumpster in San Diego for managing packaging waste being more affordable as compared to hiring a junk removal service. Also, dumpsters during construction projects may promote site safety by making the work area cleaner and more organized. For home waste disposal you can rent a 3 to 10 yard dumpster. In your office you can rent a 15 or 20 yard dumpster according to your workplace.

If you are doing large construction you can rent a 25 yard dumpster to 40 yard dumpster. Or if you are in a small home renovation you can rent a 10 yard dumpster to 20 yard dumpster. Dumpster4rental provided various dumpster sizes ranging from 3 yard dumpster to 40 yard dumpster. You can rent your dumpster according to your specific need.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We know that removing packaging from your daily life is a major challenge. By recycling everything that you can, you’ll keep your packaging from making its way into the landfill. Use cloth bags instead of plastic bags during your shopping. Also consider the dumpster rental services to dispose of your household waste in an eco friendly way. 

If you are looking for a reliable dumpster rental provider, dumpster4rental is one of them. Book your dumpster according to your needs ranging from a 3 yard dumpster to a 40 yard dumpster. Or you can customize your rental period or you can use the same day dumpster rental service. Book your dumpster right now. Just make a call on (949) 519 4588!

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