How To Embrace Your Natural Beauty With Minimalist Summer Makeup Trends

Summer makeup staples like bronzer contour and heavy highlights tend not to change too much from year to year. One thing that has changed, though, is that current makeup styles are growing more and more minimalist. This doesn’t necessarily mean less makeup, but it does mean shifting the objective of makeup looks from creating a new face to showcasing the one you already have. Here’s how to embrace your natural beauty with this year’s summer makeup.

Enhance Your Glow

A dewy, wet, touchable glow is definitely in this summer. Instead of choosing only one highlighting product, try to combine high-shine elements to create a multifaceted feeling of hydration and dew.


Switch over from a pan highlighter to a creme stick or even a spray. These hydrating choices keep skin looking wet and touchable while delivering as much if not more glow than last year’s options.

Body Shimmer

Body shimmer continues the look of a shiny, well-highlighted face all along the body. It’s perfect for summer months when fashionable looks get shorter and smaller. Experiment with the shade of your body shimmer to find the one that best flatters your skin’s natural undertone.

Vitamin C

Minimalist makeup means fostering a glow from within at the same time you’re layering on shimmery products. Look for makeup with vitamin C that doubles as glowy skincare.

Creme Blush Over Powder

You can still use your favorite powder products in a dewy look if you switch up the order of application. Instead of setting a creme blush with a powder one, start with the powder and make it feel dewy and alive by putting creme overtop. For best results, use a duo of expertly formulated complementary shades that build on each other rather than hitting the same note twice.

Clear Brow Gel

Clear brow gel is the ultimate minimalist makeup hack. It doesn’t add any weight to a makeup look, as it doesn’t contain pigment, but it does slick the brows down for a naturally polished effect. The subtle shine from a clear brow gel also coordinates well with other high-moisture and high-shine makeup choices.

Hydrating Foundation

A stick, liquid or creme foundation all go well with minimalist makeup. These choices can blend with creme blushes, bronzer and skin to provide a unifying element in your makeup look. To use high-coverage foundation in a minimalist way, buff a small amount over a large area or only apply it to select places, such as under the eyes and along the forehead, nose and chin.

Lip Gloss Over Lipstick

Wear your favorite lipsticks the summer way by layering them with a plumping clear gloss. For more dimension, don’t take the lipstick all the way to the natural edges of your lips. Instead, stop just before you get there and use the lip gloss topper to naturally blend out the edges of the pigment.

Minimalist makeup doesn’t have to be any less glamorous than a full beat. Switch up your approach by leaving some places glossy and bare while adding strategic highlight and dimension where it counts.

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