How to Restore Your Car’s Body: Dent And Paint Removal Techniques

You must have come across several cars during your drive. Convertibles, SUVs, Hatchbacks, and whatnot. But which ones do you notice?

If we were to take a guess then it would possibly be a car that’s maintained well. One that looks fresh, free of dents, and with an immaculate paint cover. Cars that go through regular dent removal in Melbourne are fancied much more than beat-up cars.

Importance of dent removal and car paint repair

Good car aesthetics show a good personality! If you own a car that doesn’t have good aesthetics, then what’s the point? You don’t buy a convertible just for the utility, do you?! Even a sedan or hatchback for that matter. You want a good looking and well-maintained car regardless of the car type.

That’s why you should go for a car paint repair in Melbourne if you see even the slightest hint of fading. You should tend to the scratched panel right away. And you should definitely get the dent removal in Melbourne done the moment you see a dent

These repair jobs aren’t just important from an aesthetic point of view. They are also critical for your car’s resale value. The second-hand car market is huge and lucrative. Especially for those who care enough to maintain their cars. A shining SUV will get you much more dollars than a roughed-up hybrid.

Dent and paint damage: Two common issues affecting a car’s body

Dents and paint damage are the two most common issues you’ll see in a car. These issues are unavoidable. You’ll experience multiple dents in your long driving life. You’ll also see your car paint coming off every now and then. These are inevitable and it’s futile to fight them.

You can drive cautiously all you want but one minor lapse of judgment and bam! You just scratched another car in the parking lot! It has a long paint scratch and a deep dent on your car’s side panel. What do you do now?

The wise thing to do here is to just take the car to a reliable repair shop and get these issues fixed immediately. The more you wait the harder it could get to remove the anomaly. Getting acar paint repair in Melbourne issue resolved promptly saves you unnecessary headaches.

Both dents and paint damage can be quite tricky. If these appear on the panel near the windows or the door handle, they have to be handled with the utmost care. You shouldn’t try to do a DIY repair in such cases and it’s better to let the dent removal in Melbourneprofessionals handle it.

Popular dent removal techniques

Below are some popular dent removal techniques. Most of these techniques can be used  DIY. But some dents are large and occur in difficult-to-access areas. You’ll need expert hands to work on such dents.

  • Plunger suction: You can use the toilet plunger to suck the dent out. The plunger is a useful tool and works like a charm to remove easily accessible minor dents.
  • Hot and cold water treatment: Hot and cold water treatment is used simultaneously in this method. Pour hot water on the dent, push it out from behind, and pour cold water to make the dent pop back into the shape.
  • Dent puller: You can buy dent puller kits online. These are handy instruments that help you repair small dents yourself. These kits have a suction cup or suction lifter to pull out stubborn dents and restore the panel shape.
  • Dry ice treatment: You can apply dry ice over the dent surface using a pair of protective gloves. The dent surface is subjected to extreme cold followed by heat to pull the dent back into shape.
  • Vacuum suction: Did you know the humble vacuum cleaner can be used to pull out dents? Just put a bucket with a hole in it and start the device. The suction force will pull out the dent.

Here’s how dent removal in Melbourne professionals repair your car dents:

  • Paintless Dent Removal: This is a specialised dent removal technique that uses sophisticated tools. It restores the panel shape without disrupting the paint.
  • Sand filling and painting: The panel is first cleaned and the paint removed. Then a body filler is applied and sand is poured to smoothen out the surface. The panel is spray painted again to give an even finish.
  • Panel replacement: Sometimes, the only way to remove major dents is with panel replacement. The old panel is removed and a new one is attached in its place.

Key Takeaway

Car scratches and accidents can happen at any time. They cause inconvenient dents and paint damage.

The inconvenience is painful as they alter your car’s aesthetics. The car appears hideous as a result. Don’t overlook your car dents and paint damage even if the damage is small. Take it to a dent removal in Melbourne specialist and they’ll make your car look brand new once again.

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