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CGWise is a CFD brokerage firm offering a range of services to traders seeking diverse investment opportunities. This review will delve into its offerings and highlight its key features objectively.

The brokerage provides various account types tailored to different trading preferences, ensuring flexibility for clients. The trading platform offered by CGWise facilitates seamless execution of trades and provides essential tools for analysis. Security measures are robust, ensuring the safety of clients’ funds and personal information. With a wide array of trading assets available, including stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies, clients have ample opportunities for diversification.

Payment options are diverse, accommodating various preferences and ensuring convenient fund transfers. The firm’s 24/5 customer support ensures assistance is available whenever needed. Additionally, clients have access to account managers for personalized guidance. The firm also offers a referral program, incentivizing clients to expand their network. These features collectively contribute to CGWise’s comprehensive suite of services for traders. Review: Features of the Firm

Account Types

In this review, the firm’s account types stand out for their tailored approach, accommodating traders of varying experience levels:

●      Bronze: Designed for beginners and those starting with an initial investment ranging from $250 to $24,999.

●      Silver: Suitable for traders with a moderate level of experience, requiring an investment between $25,000 and $99,999.

●      Gold: Catering to more seasoned traders, this account tier accommodates investments ranging from $100,000 to $499,999.

●      Diamond: Reserved for advanced traders and high-net-worth individuals with an investment threshold of $500,000 and above.

CGWise’s diverse account options ensure accessibility and scalability, allowing traders to choose the level that best fits their expertise and investment capabilities.

Trading Platform

This part of the review explores the features of the firm’s web-based trading platform:

●      Web-based: The brokerage offers a user-friendly web-based trading platform, accessible from any internet-enabled device without the need for downloads or installations.

●      Time synchronization: The platform’s time is set at GMT +0 and synchronized with market time, ensuring accuracy in trading activities.

●      Chart types: Traders can utilize various chart types, including line charts, candlestick charts, and scatter charts, for comprehensive market analysis.

●      Chart indicators: A wide range of chart indicators is available, empowering traders with valuable insights into market trends and potential trading opportunities.

●      Trading tools: CGWise’s trading platform is equipped with essential tools such as risk management features, order types, and real-time market data, enhancing trading efficiency and effectiveness.

Security Measures

CGWise prioritizes the protection of clients’ assets through strong security protocols, ensuring peace of mind for traders:

●      SSL Encryption: The organization uses the globally acknowledged security method SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to protect all transactions involving credit cards made over the internet, protecting sensitive financial information.

●      Automated System: CGWise’s security system operates automatically, providing instant notification to users if their browser does not support SSL encryption, thereby mitigating potential security risks.

●      Comprehensive Measures: In addition to SSL encryption, the company implements comprehensive security protocols to prevent unauthorized access and protect clients’ personal and financial data from potential cyber threats.

Payment Options

In this review, the firm’s payment options cater to the diverse needs of traders, offering convenience and flexibility:

●      Credit Cards: The brokerage accepts major credit cards, including Mastercard and Visa, facilitating swift and secure transactions.

●      E-Wallet: Traders can utilize e-wallet options such as APM (Alternative Payment Methods) and EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) for seamless fund transfers.

●      Wire Transfer: The organization also supports wire transfer as a payment method, providing a traditional yet widely used option for depositing and withdrawing funds.

●      Minimum Deposit: The minimul deposit requirement is set at $250, ensuring accessibility for traders with varying capital levels.

●      Minimum Withdrawal: With a minimum withdrawal amount of $100, CGWise ensures that traders can easily access their funds when needed.

24/5 Customer Support

This portion of the review highlights the firm’s commitment to providing responsive customer support throughout the trading week:

●      Availability: CGWise offers customer support services from Monday to Friday, ensuring assistance is accessible during active trading hours.

●      Communication Channels: Traders can contact CGWise’s customer support team via a variety of methods, including an online form on the website and via email at

●      Phone Support: For direct assistance, traders can also contact CGWise’s customer support team via phone at the UK number: +448081649195.

●      Prompt Assistance: The platform aims to provide prompt and efficient responses to inquiries and concerns, enhancing the overall trading experience for its clients.

Account Managers

The business provides dedicated account managers who play a crucial role in assisting traders throughout their trading journey:

●      Personalized Assistance: Account managers at CGWise offer personalized support, catering to the individual needs and goals of each trader.

●      Expert Guidance: With their multi-skilled backgrounds, account managers possess the expertise to provide comprehensive guidance on trading strategies, risk management, and market analysis.

●      Continuous Support: Account managers stay in regular communication with traders, offering assistance and advice at every stage of the trading process.

●      Accessibility: Traders can easily reach out to their assigned account manager for prompt assistance and clarification on any trading-related queries or concerns.

●      Relationship Building: The brokerage fosters strong relationships between traders and their account managers, ensuring a supportive and collaborative trading environment.

Referral Program

In this review, the firm’s referral program is highlighted as a mutually beneficial opportunity for traders:

●      Unique Referral Link: Traders can share their unique referral link with friends, inviting them to join CGWise.

●      Benefits for Referrers: Referrers receive a 10% commission on each deposit made by their referred friends, up to $25,000, providing them with potential additional earnings.

●      Benefits for Referred Parties: Those who join CGWise through a referral link receive a 5% commission on each of their deposits, up to $25,000, incentivizing them to engage with the platform.

●      Mutually Rewarding: CGWise’s referral program fosters a mutually rewarding relationship between referrers and their referred friends, encouraging growth and engagement within the trading community. Review: Drawbacks of the Firm

No Theme Customization

CGWise lacks the option for theme customization on its trading platform, limiting personalization for traders.

PayPal Not Accepted

The lack of PayPal as a means of payment may inconvenience traders who prefer using this widely accepted online payment method. Review on Sitejabber

The user shared a positive experience with CGWise, emphasizing the effectiveness of the brokerage’s leverage feature. They highlighted how this feature allowed them to magnify their trades, resulting in significant profits that surpassed their expectations. The user praised the intuitive and powerful nature of CGWise’s leverage feature, which enabled them to capitalize on market movements efficiently. Review: Concluding Remarks

To summarise this review, the company offers multiple services tailored to meet the diverse needs of traders, including various account types, a user-friendly trading platform, robust security measures, flexible payment options, responsive customer support, dedicated account managers, and a rewarding referral program. 

While each service contributes to CGWise’s position in the market, it’s clear that the firm prioritizes client satisfaction and aims to facilitate a seamless trading experience. Traders seeking a brokerage with a range of services and a focus on client support may find CGWise to be a suitable option in the competitive trading landscape.

Disclaimer: The intent of this article is to provide information, not to serve as a guide or endorsement. The author is not responsible for the company’s actions during your engagement. The information may not be the most recent or accurate, and any financial decisions made based on this content are at your discretion. We do not offer any guarantees regarding the accuracy of the information and are not liable for any financial losses incurred.

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