At What Point Does a Pilonidal Cyst Need Surgery?

Do you want to get a permanent cure from pilonidal cyst infection? Pilonidal cyst surgery can be the best option. A pilonidal cyst doctor first analyzes the severity of the infection and accordingly suggests whether you need a surgery. The pilonidal cyst doctor drains fluid and skin debris that will help you get relief from the pain and inflammation. Now, there are advanced procedures which won’t cause pain and the surgeon will eliminate fluid and pus. Thus, you can perform daily activities easily and it brings confidence to go ahead.

When do you need pilonidal cyst surgery?

Recurring pilonidal cyst infection affects your quality of life and you may need surgery. The doctor will help you learn about the benefits of surgery and also you may check the pilonidal cyst surgery video. So, you can stay away from confusions and the surgeon will help you prepare for the surgery. The video shows every detail and you will learn how surgery removes the cyst completely.

How to get prepared for the surgery?

Doctors recommend stopping smoking a few days before the surgery to remove pilonidal cyst. And it’s important to maintain a healthy weight, as obesity may give rise to certain health issues post-surgery. Sometimes, doctors suggest vaccinations before surgery that may help you avoid the complications. However, a surgeon must analyze your overall health ensuring that the vaccines won’t affect your daily lifestyle. Surgery brings long-term results and now you live a healthier way of life.

How soon can you recover post-surgery?

Usually, pilonidal cyst surgery involves a few hours and doctors suggest returning home on the same-day. Also, you can return to work after 2-3 weeks and you can carry out your work flawlessly. Also, doctors recommend preparing a proper work-out schedule that rectifies your body’s postures. Regular exercise also helps you recover quickly and it improves your body’s flexibility. 

How to know whether you got a pilonidal cyst infection?

Here are discussed the main symptoms of pilonidal cyst infection:

  • Pain in the buttocks crease area which worsens when you sit
  • You may notice a small dimple or a swollen area in the buttocks
  • An abscess with foul-smelling pus and fluid oozing out
  • Nausea followed by fever and fatigue

These symptoms affect your daily lifestyle and you must consult a doctor for pilonidal cyst. You may take painkillers and medicines for fever bringing temporary relief. However, a specialist will come up with the best solutions.

What are things a specialist considers while treating pilonidal cyst infection?

A pilonidal cyst doctor considers the following things while providing the treatment:

  • Whether the cyst has changed its appearance
  • Is fluid draining out from the infection?
  • Are you facing other symptoms?

Ensure you share the correct information that helps the doctor provide effective treatment. Next, the doctor will check the buttocks crease to know the severity of the infection. So, you can now receive good treatment that restores your normal lifestyle. However, doctors won’t recommend CT scan or MRI and thus there are no risks.

How does a doctor provide pilonidal cyst treatment?

A doctor may ask some questions before providing the treatment. The questions are like:

  • Have you got a pilonidal cyst infection in the past?
  • Do you have other skin complications like abscess or sinus in the buttocks crease area
  • How quickly do you want to recover?

Depending on the following information a doctor will provide the treatments and you will get well soon. Apart from surgery there are other treatment options such as:

1. Incision and Drainage

Draining out the pus and fluid from the abscess brings ultimate relief. Nowadays doctors use a tiny tool to make a small cut and skin debris flow out for your body.

2. Treating with Antibiotics

Doctors sometimes prescribe antibiotics and it’s a good treatment option for milder infections. It even reduces the swelling and you can easily sit or stand.

3. Laser Therapy

Laser therapy removes unwanted hair so, reduces chances of getting a pilonidal cyst infection. It helps you get rid of the ingrown hair and thus you won’t get the infection.

4. Treating with Injections

Phenol injections work well for mild to moderate infections. Doctors will suggest whether the injections can be the suitable treatment option. 

Now, you get a clear idea of how the advanced treatments make it easy to deal with pilonidal cyst infection.

Whom to consult if you get a pilonidal cyst infection?

Now, you may be wondering what doctor treats pilonidal cyst infection. A colorectal surgeon can provide effective treatments and it’s time to find the top surgeons in your area. You may check the reputation of the surgeons ensuring that you receive the best treatments. The surgeons treat issues related to the colon, rectum and buttocks area. So, you can consult the surgeon and you may get a perfect surgery. Thus, a pilonidal cyst doctor improves your lifestyle and you can sit for prolonged periods and there won’t be any complications. This way, a colorectal surgeon brings the positive aspects and life becomes easier.  Once you find a reputed surgeon you will find the option to schedule an appointment online. So, it saves time and you can easily get ready for the surgery. Thus, the surgeon gives you confidence to resume normal work.

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