A guide to designing promotional paper gift bags for small businesses

Paper bags stand out as the best option for small businesses that are in search of bio-degradable and multipurpose packaging solutions. Are you the owner of a bakery, boutique, or gift shop? 

If so, paper bags will help you pursue your brand mission while saving our environment. This simple-to-follow guide will highlight how paper bags can be used in your business operations through the 8 tips shared. Choose carefully, from a size to highly durable ones, and let’s start now!

Smart Strategies Paper Bags for Small Business

Printed paper bags provide the business with a potential marketing opportunity. Here are eight tips to make the most of them:

  1. Design Brand Consciously

While compiling a paper bag design, place your brand at the forefront of your mind. For brand identity, you need to use your logo, brand colors, and other key design elements. The consistency of materials used across all elements of your brand helps customers quickly identify your brand. Take into account how your design will make a difference in your business and also represent it strongly. A branded bag that lasts can create a memorable impression on customers, which can encourage their loyalty towards the brand.

  1. Consider Size and Durability

When you decide on the size of your paper bags, take into account what would best contain your goods. Ensure that bags are durable enough to carry all the objects without tearing. Choose a size which your buyers can easily transport and can carry around without feeling uncomfortable. Durable bags mean that your goods get back home in good condition and increase your company’s positive image.

  1. Eco-Friendly Materials

Select kraft paper bags that are crafted from recycled content or other responsibly sourced products. This assists in the reduction of environmental impact and statement of love for the planet. List eco-friendly materials to reach eco-friendly customers who are conscious of such matters. It’s a quick change that can make a big difference both for the environment and for your brand image.

  1. Functional Design 

To design bags, focus on their functionality. Make sure that they have handles that are comfy to hold and that they are able to carry your products. Pick sizes, which accommodate your products correctly and attach the reinforced bottoms for better strength. An adequately designed bag ensures smooth customer usage, enabling your customers to better interact with your company.

  1. Clear Messaging

Be sure that the bags you print have the messages clearly and easily readable. Make sure to put your business name, contact information, and a short thank you note. Make use of legible fonts while choosing colors that will stand above the background. Consistent messaging will make your brand recognizable to customers, and they will recall it and visit again later to buy. That’s a basic but outstanding means for branding your business.

  1. Visual Appeal

Create custom paper gift bags that will attract buyers and give a stand-out impression. To achieve this purpose, use only the best images, bright colors, and inviting patterns as the basis of this design. Appealing visuals instead of just mere brand identity also promotes customer recycling of your bags. Thus your reach is even extended. A bag design can be a company’s visual trademark that will leave a lasting impression on customers and attract them to your company.

  1. Add Value with Extras

Take your paper bags to the next level by infusing them with some additional qualities for your customers’ satisfaction. Add durable handles, apply matte or glossy finishes, or integrate built-in compartments to provide an extra touch of luxury and ease of use. These extras are not only a value-add to the bags but also they make the customer feel good about themselves. Customers will always remember the care taken in the details and will probably prefer your shop again.

  1. Promotional Opportunities

Promote your brand by giving out discounts or coupons printed on the paper bags. Thus, your paper bags have now become your strong marketing tools. This drives return customers and increases the odds of them becoming repeat shoppers. Furthermore, it spurs up the status of the brand as the customers use the bags for moving. That is a win-win situation which is useful to retain your existing clients as well as market your business to new potential customers.


Custom paper bags give businesses of all sizes a chance to develop a branding strategy by being used for a wide range of purposes. 

With branding in mind, thinking about size and durability, and choosing environmentally friendly materials are a few steps companies can take to look favorable before their customers while also expressing their desire to go green. 

The clear message, visual appeal, and additional value as features facilitate a positive customer experience. In addition, transparent promotions on bags can create loyal customers and improve the awareness of the brand. In this way, paper bags are now a powerful weapon for small businesses to market themselves.

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