5 Essential Apps That Make Life Easier For Students

We cannot vouch for everyone, but for students, we’re pretty sure that their studies have never been so fun and easy without handy educational apps. From notes-taking to recording lectures and finally revising the whole course like a pro, education apps can be the students’ next study buddies.

In this article, we have listed 5 essential apps that would be immensely helpful to the students. However, before we get to that, know that these apps need an internet connection to function. Having a sloppy internet connection that gets disconnected again and again can really make you suffer. In that case, we recommend a reliable internet connection like Spectrum. Trust us, the following apps will work like a breeze on Spectrum’s internet and all you need is to connect to Spectrum customer service to find the plans that suit your needs.

Now, let’s get started on these 5 essential apps:

  • MyStudyLife
  • Quizlet
  • Forest
  • Exam Countdown
  • Khan Academy


With so many assignments, quizzes, exams, and not forgetting the student’s social life, a planner is what every student needs to sort out their lives. MyStudyLife takes the student planner to a whole different level. Now, you can enter class schedules, and upcoming assignments along with their due dates, and daily tasks on this app.

Moreover, with an interactive dashboard that informs you about an upcoming quiz, assignment, or exam, you can prepare and never miss a deadline. Plus, this app can be synced to multiple devices at once. So, even if you forget to bring in your laptop, just open the phone’s app and know what’s up ahead on your schedule.

Coming to its best part, MyStudyLife lets you schedule your studies in any way you want. You can enter quarters, semesters, years, or even terms. This app is also smart enough to pause your classes when you’re on a break from studies.


Struggling in your studies? Spending nights trying to understand some really complex concepts? Finding it really difficult to barely pass the exams? Well, you may actually ace the exams with this app.


Quizlet creates flashcards, quizzes, tests, and even interactive games to make your study sessions engaging. All you need is to upload the class notes, audio or video lectures, and leave the rest to this app. Plus, you can also access hundreds of flashcards made by different students. You may have to explore them a little to match the subject’s content, but it’ll thoroughly prepare you for the exams.

The paid version of this app takes a step further and comes with a Q-chat feature. This AI-powered feature helps you study or test your subject’s knowledge. Overall, Quizlet is a comprehensive study partner that can really bring the best out of you.


Sometimes, the problem isn’t that students cannot comprehend what is being taught. The real headache is the technological gadgets that don’t let students concentrate on their studies.

As ironic as it may sound, it’s also the technology that has stepped in to address this problem. We introduce to you the Forest app, that helps you stay focused on the task at hand. Although it’s a productivity app for everyone, those students who are easily distracted by incoming calls, messages, or social media notifications can really benefit from this app.

Let’s see how the app works:

On Forest, you can actually set the time you want to study for. Then, the app will plant a tree and as the time comes near completion, the tree grows taller and taller. The catch is you cannot close the app as doing so will hinder the tree’s growth.

Once the target is achieved, you’ll earn credits that can be used to plant actual trees worldwide. Forest has teamed up with Tree for the Future, a tree-planting organization, to plant a tree on your behalf.

Exam Countdown:

It’s a very basic, yet quite an effective application that doesn’t let you forget the exam’s date. Enter the days left in your exam and this app will work as reminder. App’s widget can be added to your home screen and a reminder will pop up every time you unlock the phone.

Moreover, the countdown can be personalized with more than 300 icons and 30 different colors to choose from. In short, the Exam Countdown app can be daunting as it’ll remind you constantly about your fast-approaching exam date. On the bright side, it’ll also encourage you to stay focused on your studies.

Khan Academy:

Chill out if everything you’ve studied this semester has gone over your head. Khan Academy is here for you. From the easiest math courses to complex topics like applied physics, Khan Academy will surely have something in store for you.

The best thing about Khan Academy is that you can learn everything at your own pace. There’s no need to rush and you can watch a lecture as many times as you want. Moreover, to ensure you grasp the important concepts, this app will take a short test of your knowledge.

Not every app is meant to distract you from your studies. There are some apps exist that not only help us study but make the process fun too, just like the ones we have mentioned above. So, the next time you feel unorganized, demotivated, or simply cannot understand a complex topic, head to the apps store to download your future study partner!

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