Beware of Medical Spam Calls from Phone Number 01146977028

The recent associations of the phone number 0114 697 7028 with questionable activity have caused people to feel uneasy. 

We hope that this post will help clarify the calls coming from this number and explain why our community has rated it as a hazardous caller.

Background Information

A landline in the Sheffield region can be reached at this number: 01146977028. Although it may have originated from a harmless source, it has gained notoriety for its involvement in fraudulent operations, especially related to medical spam calls. We are investigating this number further since it has been reported several times as being associated with suspicious activity in our community.

Nature of Calls

The majority of the calls coming from 01146977028 are obviously medical spam, according to the research. In an effort to trick people into giving up sensitive information or falling for scams, callers pose as representatives from the National Health Service (NHS). In addition to being deceiving, these calls might cause harm to those who aren’t careful.

User Reports

With 352 lookups and nine complaints, people have marked 01146977028 as a potentially harmful caller on our site. A user’s rating of the call as harassing emphasizes how annoying these unwanted messages may be. Customer reports overwhelmingly include the terms “medical,” “NHS,” “silent,” and “spam,” lending credence to the calls’ misleading practices.

Caller ID Analysis

The caller ID for the 01146977028 number is generally “Medical spam,” which is a caution to anybody who could be in the target audience. Even when caller IDs appear to give clarity, it’s important to be cautious since fraudsters often use strategies to hide their genuine intentions.

Risk Assessment

Our research and user complaints show that receivers should be very wary about calls from 01146977028. Because of the misleading link to the NHS, these calls seem more credible, which is a major red flag. People ought to be wary of giving up their personal information over the phone.

Precautionary Measures

Due to the dangers associated with calls from 01146977028, it is crucial to take safety precautions. You should be very careful not to give up any personal information if you get a call from this number. To stop more unsolicited calls, you could choose to blacklist the number.

Community Response

Feedback from users is essential for spotting and dealing with possible scams. By reporting questionable calls and exchanging personal accounts, people can help the group fight fraud together. We urge people to stay alert and take part in our community-focused platform actively.

Phone Activity Overview

With 352 searches and 9 reports, the phone number 01146977028 has created a lot of activity on our platform. The hazardous caller label emphasizes the seriousness of the problem even though it only received one rating. It is essential to stay aware and watchful when facing these kinds of challenges.

Regional Association

Among the 5,936 active spam phone numbers registered, those beginning with 0114 are affiliated with the Sheffield region. Furthermore, a whopping 759,600 spam calls have been identified as coming from landlines with the 0114 area code. These numbers show how common spam calls are in this area.

Spam Call Statistics

Millions of people fall prey to scams every year, and spam calls are only one part of the problem. We can learn more about the extent of the problem and find ways to fix it by examining data pertaining to spam calls.

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As a conclusion, anyone who has been the victim of unwanted phone calls should take action against the 01146977028 number. The necessity for increased awareness is highlighted by the misleading techniques used by callers, such as making false assertions about their affiliation with the NHS. People may safeguard themselves and others from being scammed if they stay aware and are involved in our community.

FAQs About 01146977028

What should I do if I receive a call from 01146977028?

Be wary about giving out any personal information. Maybe you should block the number so no one can call you again.

Are calls from this number always associated with medical spam?

You should always be wary of suspicious calls from unknown numbers, even though the majority of them seem to be medical spam.

How can I report suspicious calls?

Either use our platform or contact the appropriate authorities, including Action Fraud, to report unusual calls.

Is it safe to answer calls from unknown numbers?

When you receive a call from an unknown number, be wary, especially if the caller seems shady.

What measures are being taken to address the issue of spam calls?

Prompt action is being taken to address the issue of spam calls through the implementation of regulatory measures and technical solutions.

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