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Check Out Our Piece on Buzzfeed!

With there being so many amazing American black women to look up to we sometimes forget that we have our very own plethora of ┬ábrilliant black women right here in the UK. They’re not necessarily celebrities but they are a group of forward thinking, dynamic, changing making women who we should be incredibly proud of.

So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to introduce you to some Black British women who consistently inspire us to do more and to be better. This is only a list of 10 but we know there are SO MANY MORE women that could have been included. It was also pointed out to us that this list is very London centric so keep an eye out for our next list that will go further out into the rest of the UK to highlight what all of you awesome black women are doing.

In the meantime check out our piece on Buzzfeed and tell us who else is going around spreading some of that Black Girl Magic.


P.S. The illustrations in our header were done by the amazing Illustration315. Check out more of her stuff hereAdam Oates Jersey