Hello I’m Stef. I worked in regulation (Healthcare) for about 7 years and currently I’m an investigator for a financial services company and I deal with everything from large corporations to small businesses. Before that I worked for a London Council and Probation Services.

Outside of work I’m a lover of literature, fashion, travel and good food (yay food). I’m trying to get into exercising more and let’s just say, I’m not winning at that!

What I offer as a mentor:

Looking back at my days at Uni and then Law School one thing I wished I had was someone who looked like me to have a conversation with or get some tips from so I knew that I wasn’t alone. Its important to me to be able to offer support or words of encouragement to someone who, like me, might be the only black girl in the room. It can be hard out there but if we support and encourage each other we can make things a little easier.

I’ve have taken risks, some have worked and some frankly haven’t but I think I can help you if you’re interested in working in the corporate environment, looking for your first job, wanting to change careers or you just don’t know where to start. I’ve been there and I hope I’ll be able to help you in some way as you go on your journey.