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Women of Colour in the Media: It Went Something Like This…

It was brilliant to see so many people turn out for TRiBE’s first event Women of Colour in the Media. 

We had great night of conversation about how we, as women of colour, are represented in the media, about what needs to change, ways in which we can change them and how we take ownership of our representation. The panel discussion encouraged some great questions from the audience and although we weren’t able to hear all the questions we were glad to see these conversations spilling over into our networking session which allowed people to meet each other, swap business cards, email addresses and numbers; that was beautiful to see, we felt a real sense of community.

A massive thank you to our panel of inspiring women: Siana Bangura, Remel London, Carlene Thomas-Bailey, Monique Needham, Baby Isako, VV Brown and our brilliant chair Belinda Otas.

Another thank you goes out to the London College of Communication’s UALACS and their president Kai who helped us to organise the event and encourages an awareness among her members about issues that will surely affect many of them.

If you missed out on this event, don’t worry, we’ll be doing more in the future. Keep you’re eyes peeled!




Social media is a really effective way of addressing the lack of representation in the media. When I walk into a shop and only see white faces on the covers of magazines I take a picture of it and tweet it with a caption like ‘Diversity, right?’ It may seem like something small but if many of us do that kind of thing it can’t be ignore. Social media gives us a voice.

Carlene Thomas-Bailey

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We can’t expect one programme to represent ALL black people. That’s why we need at least four or five, it gives a wider representation of us and who we are.

Baby Isako




Who is actually responsible for our representation? Is it us as black women or should we just expect to be represented by the general media?

Belinda Otas

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Even if it’s not you making the deals, connect people if you can. It makes a difference and you never know what the outcome of that connection will be.

Remel London

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I wanted to create something that represented me and the people that I know. We’re not all the stereotype. I wanted a show that showed 5 normal girls living in a house together and the things that happen. I wanted to show that black people do normal things too.

Monique Needham

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We have to be realistic about our environment. We are a minority in a country that doesn’t really care about us however we don’t necessarily have to have black magazines or black shows. Why can’t there be a magazine with an editor that wants to show beauty from all kinds of women. We don’t have to segregate ourselves.

VV Brown

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It’s important to create our own platforms so that we have control of it, of the way that we’re represented and of the narrative that’s being told.

Siana Bangura

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