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5 Things We Learned From Self-Love as a Revolutionary Act

Firstly, we want to say a huge thank you to everyone who attended Self-love as a Revolutionary Act.  But most importantly thank you for showing up with openness and honesty, we are grateful that you shared so much with us. We learned a lot in those 2 hours but we want to make sure you keep in mind some of the more important point raised by our brilliant panel and audience:

  • Take care of yourself, physically and mentally. You can only give so much when you’re running on empty.
  • Even though it can be difficult to carry, there is a comfort to be found in the “strong black woman” stereotype. We get to build a strength and resilience that not many others do.
  • Allow yourself to be vulnerable, it’s OK.
  • Surround yourself with good people who encourage and empower you; people who will tell you the truth and allow you to be human.
  • Give yourself a break! The fact that you wake up every morning and go out into the world is a revolution in itself.

And remember the homework you got from Gaylene: write down 3 things you need in order to take care of yourself and make sure you do them!

Lastly, we want to thank our amazing panel of women who came ready and willing: Freddie TietcheuKelechi Okafor, Gaylene Gould and Samantha Clarke; click on their names to find out more about each of them.

For those who missed it, check out some of the pictures above, taken by the incredible Sarah Nwafor.

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