I would like to become a mentor to inspire the next generation.

I’m a Nigerian young professional, working in Communications within the engineering field, which like many other industries lacks diversity.

As someone who has had mentors and still does have mentors, I understand the commitment, and am really passionate about helping others; in particular black women as I know and can relate first had to the struggles working within corporate organisations.

I’m very passionate about amplifying the voice of black women and am also very proud to be a Nigerian woman living in the UK. I believe my upbringing has helped construct my values today and made me very confident. My voice is always heard, I always and always encourage others to do the same, as I believe we all gave a voice for a reason and beliefs that need to be appreciated if we want to be a part of the change.

I consider myself to be friendly and would like to believe if my family and friend had to describe me in three words they would say that I’m approachable, giving, and very hard working. I love to bring people together, which is why I say Communications chose me, as I have a degree in Economics yet no amount of money could force me to be a banker, as I see and understand the importance of engaging with people.

What I offer as a mentor:

As a young personal, I have experience working within an industry that lacks diversity- this has not stopped me! If anything, it has motivated me to keep on going, and this is the attitude I have about anything I commit myself too. I think having had mentors in the past ( and still now) I understand the commitment and am ready to offer tricks i have learnt and my time to support somebody else’s growth & journey to help them unlock their full potential to becoming their best version of themselves.