I am Asia, 25 from London. I am currently working as a Nurse and studying for my Msc. I am interested in getting into Psychotherapy long term in the future but, wanted to utilise the skills that I have now by empowering, supporting and advising young people. I have a keen interest in working with young people who may be finding it difficult to navigate their way through life. I’ve also enjoyed working with people, hence why I choose a career that allows me to that will allow me to do this.

What I offer as a mentor:

I want to offer and share my my expertise and experiences. I feel I can relate and empathise with those who perhaps are having a difficult time figuring out where they want to go and those who are struggling to navigate their way. I can offer my knowledge and skills I have acquired through the years of working. Working with a number of different people with different personalities has allowed me to strengthen and develop my communication skills. I am looking to invest and support others to be the best that they can be.