“We do this work because Black women were our first teachers. Facilitating a space where we can share all we’ve learned is the least we can do”

About TRiBE

TRiBE is a charitable organisation, run by Black women for Black women. With our Community Mentoring Programme and the TRiBE Toolbox, we support Black women to develop sustainable and fulfilling careers alongside the skills necessary to navigate the inequalities and daily aggressions that we experience.

By providing mentors and a range of practical content with a focus on skills and knowledge building, we support Black women to curate, take up and navigate professional and personal spaces, whatever that may look like.

Who Are We

TRiBE is managed by co-founders Seyi Falodun-Liburd and Yvonne Maxwell.

Seyi Falodun-Liburd

Seyi is a Project Director and consultant in the women’s sector.

Yvonne Maxwell

Yvonne is an IT Consultant with a passion for photography, food and culture.


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